eLife HUB
A-Z handling of all types of orders
  • Run multiple shops – handle shops & orders in the same way
  • Use ONE system – not several 3rd party services
  • Priced according to your usage – no fixed rates
Alcatraz Fences, Denmark:
"Before we started using eLive Hub, 3 people handled our phone-and e-shop orders. Today it can be done by 1"
"We have eliminated estimated 100.000 DKK in man-made order handling errors since we started using eLife HUB"
"With the integrated e-shop, "we" send out +250 quotes a day, that can easily be transferred to our installation team should the customer's order the installation later"
  • eShop, back office & warehouse in one place
  • Complete order handling within a few clicks
  • Detailed statistics and reports
  • Easy warehouse management
  • eCommerce solutions for every size and type of business
  • Full control over sales documents
  • Simple CMS for your products
  • ePay / Bambora integration
  • Pakkelabel / Shipmondo integration
  • e-conomic integration

Small entrepreneur

Save yourself trouble and reduce costs of running multiple 3rd party software to handle orders, accounting and shipment.

Medium sized companies

Eliminate man-made errors when passing orders through various departments. While processing an order, a communication between offices takes no time and no paper.

Large enterprises

The HR management module allows you to add employees easily to various departments. No "client-fee" is applied when you expand your business. No matter how many people you employ - they all can work with the system at the same low cost.

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